Lake Livingstson’s Eagle Count

Lake Livingstson’s Adult Bald Eagle Count

by Lew Vail, Polk County Enterprise

A total of 10 adult bald eagles were identified Saturday during the annual Lake Livingtson survey conducted by 11 volunteers.

During the 2013 survey they counted 10 and in 2014 the count rose to 14 but during both

Bald Eagle Lake Livingston

Bald Eagle Lake Livingston

those years they had a boat to look at Pine Island in the middle of the lake, a favorite haunt for the fish eating birds.  This year there was no boat on the water to count the eagles on Pine Island.

This survey project is nearing the end of its 30 years of collecting eagle data.  The Army Corp of Engineers and the US Geologoical Survey have the responsibility of coordinating the Bald Eagle Surveys held every January in the lower 48 states.   This project began in 1986 to establish an index to the total wintering bald eagle population.

According the Kathleen Appelbaum “The weather was cooperative, after freezing rain the previous weekend.  The 5 teams started their assigned routes at dawn.  There was a little fog and temperatures were near freezing.  Over the next four hours a total of 10 adult eagles were seen. The time and location were recorded for each to prevent double counting of soaring eagles.  Approximately 90 miles of potential eagle habitat was expolored in Polk and San Jacinto counties.”

Appelbaum voice her apprecatiated to the 11 volunteers who helped with this year’s survey.

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